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Dear Schirmer/Moselites,

Two major American artists from the second half of the 20th century are highlighting our spring list. Both of them gained early recognition in Europe and only late in their careers were they discovered in the US.

Cy Twombly is one of them, the other one is Ronald B. Kitaj. We are proud to announce that with Volume 8, covering the years 1990 to 2011, the publication of the Cy Twombly: Catalogue Raisonné of Drawings is now completed. Two boxes containing four volumes each will carry these graphic treasures into American bookstores and libraries. Cy Twombly’s œuvre of over 60 years is an artistic sensation. It appeals to both visually and literary sensitive readers.

So does Ronald B. Kitaj’s illustrated autobiography entitled Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter. Up until now unpublished and discovered only recently in his estate, it is a breathtaking read and unique in the  history of arts, comparable only to Benvenuto Cellini’s autobiography My Life, and Salvador Dalí’s Secret Life of Salvador Dalí.

Wim Wenders’ collection of his 403 Polaroid photographs from the sixties and seventies documents his love and admiration for America, the country and its movie culture. Published for the first time and with 36 autobiographical stories—including his road trip with Annie Leibovitz from San Francisco to Los Angeles as well as his visit to the Dakota Building in New York the day after John Lennon was shot—it is another highlight of our spring list.

Our long-standing cooperation with Prestel New York in distributing our books in the United States will end by the beginning of May 2018. We shall keep you informed about our new distribution arrangements in due time.

We wish you a lot of success with our forthcoming Schirmer/Mosel books. If you want more information, please be in touch with us in Munich (

Best regards,

Lothar Schirmer


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