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FOUNDED IN MUNICH in 1974, Schirmer/Mosel Publishing is today one of the leading international art book companies. The list of artists and authors published and supported is long and reads like a Who is Who of contemporary arts.
From the very beginning, it has been our mission to assemble the best visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, and performers of our time under Schirmer/Mosel’s umbrella.
Today, in our 45th year of activity, we are presenting a special catalogue listing our art books available in English. In doing so, we are approaching connoisseurs and art lovers across the world, book sellers and fellow international publishing companies, our licensing partners—and, of course, the inter national press and electronic media.

THIS CATALOGUE FEATURES the available classic English-language titles of our in-house productions as well as eight new publications respectively new editions that we are preparing for spring 2019. First and foremost, I’d like to draw your attention to major visual artists, whose works we have been representing since the formation of our company: Cy Twombly, Joseph Beuys, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Helmut Newton, Anselm Kiefer, and August Sander, to name just the “founding generation.” Jeff Wall, Cindy Sherman, Peter Lindbergh, Wim Wenders, Thomas Struth, Candida Höfer, and many others have joined in.

Today, Schirmer/Mosel’s visual and text books in English cover the stars of the international worlds of art, film, and fashion, headed by Anton Corbijn from the Netherlands, Antonin Artaud and Yves Saint Laurent from France, Robert Mapplethorpe and Lisa Fonssagrives from the US, Andrey Tarkovsky from Russia, Ingrid Bergman from Sweden or Nick Knight from the UK. Our literary section presents English-language editions of Rainer Maria Rilke’s letters on Cézanne’s paintings and R. B. Kitaj’s autobiography in its original language.

FOR ART COLLECTORS and connoisseurs our portfolios and Collector’s Editions offering signed original works in limited editions are sought-for rarities (see pp. 46–51).
Essential, elegant, excellent—according to this credo Schirmer/Mosel presents the works of these and many more artists in publications of significant content, captivating aesthetics, and high-end printing. Counteracting the short lifespan of books that has become the norm in the trade, we are committed to the long-term approach of collecting and pooling artbooks dealing with pivotal issues. Our Becher book Framework Houses originated in 1976, the Cézanne/Rilke book is a spring 2018 publication. At Schirmer/Mosel you can find for a long time, what elsewhere goes out of print quickly—along, of course, with our classics.

Lothar Schirmer


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